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I get sad because I think people are really hard to female celebrities. When male celebrities take their shirts off, people say, ‘Oh, they’re so cool’, but when female celebrities do it, people say, ‘she looks so cheap’. To be honest, I took my shirt off to get attention, too. I admit that I did that. But I think telling that to women is just rude. - Lee Joon

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bias/era: key/luciferfor anon

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(c) i want to know who the heck onew was feeling spicy over

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Appropriation in Kpop MVs: G-Dragon - One of a Kind

Cornrows: When kpop idols wear cornrows, it is seen as copying and commercializing black culture to be rebellious or cool but when black people wear their own hair, it is looked down upon. Non-blacks can wear the culture like a costume and are able to take it off at the end of the day while black people have to live with it and deal with the prejudices.

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Appropriation in Kpop

I wasn’t gonna write an introduction/explanation but here goes…

I’m going to be making a gif series about appropriation in kpop MVs and it will continue forever until I quit tumblr or kpop stops appropriating from other cultures. (I haven’t seen anything similar but if there is OTL)

I specifically chose music videos cause they’re watched the most. The other instances of appropriation (like SHINee’s Macarena performance) are just as important to notice and correct but I’d rather call out something watched by 5 million impressionable people than 50,000 people. (I also do not want to gif fancams as they belong to the owners.)

I’m not saying you have to stop being a fan of kpop. I just hope that kpop fans can become more aware of what they are watching. [read this]

And in case you didn’t click that link, here’s the most important line: 

Just because you are not offended, does not mean other people are not offended.

Here’s some other blogs that talk about this issue:

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kibum// my second request done for leolonz ! they requested lucifer-era Key~ hope you like it! (*°∀°)=3

please do not repost! 

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Blue night radio 14/07/30
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